SimBlob 1 / BlobCity + SDL + Emscripten

 from Red Blob Games

Long ago I had written an environmental simulation game engine called SimBlob that I had hoped to use for multiple games[1]: a building game called BlobCity, a transportation game, a real-time strategy game, and maybe more. Things didn’t quite work out that way. I spent all my time playing with the simulation and never finished the game!

Fifteen years later, I ported BlobCity to run in the browser, with the help of Emscripten[2].

(screen shot)[3]
BlobCity in the summer of 1998

I don’t plan to do anything further with this. It just seemed like it’d be fun and interesting, and it was. And it let me play a game that I haven’t been able to play for 15 years.

I wrote up some thoughts on the influence this project had on my site[4]. The original description of the game is here[5]; I have some notes about the economy and simulation here[6]. I also wrote up notes on how I made it run on the web[7].

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