RotMG maps in 3D

 from Red Blob Games
19 Nov 2017

This is a quick & dirty attempt to take the Realm of the Mad God maps from the RealmEye wiki[1] and turn them into 3D views. I’ve been working on a new map generator and renderer for A Chronicle of Misdeeds (a new game from the creators of RotMG, which was canceled by 2018), and wanted to retroactively apply the new code to the RotMG maps. The main thing you’ll see here is that it’s easier to see the mountain ranges. Pick a map from the wiki:

Here’s the input data from the realmeye wiki:

(slow) (green+red channels are 16-bit elevation; blue channel is 8-bit moisture)

Those maps were made with the Flash version of mapgen2 (from 2010). That Flash applet has a 3d renderer, but to use it I need to know the seed values. I don’t know the seeds. So I wrote a custom map generator that reads pixel colors from the wiki images, and then renders in 3D. This approximation mostly worked:

I think the new rendering is much better at showing where the mountain ranges (godlands) are.

Things to try: open the Controls on the right and rotate the map using rotate_z. Try varying mix to see what the map generator is producing (mix=0) or what the wiki image provided (mix=2). Try changing the distort parameters to see weird stuff that wasn’t in the rotmg map generator. Try changing the outline parameters to see more texturing in the valleys. Try changing either d parameter to change the snow/lighting on mountain peaks.

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