Mesh quads

 from Red Blob Games
20 Jul 2019

Oskar Stalberg’s tweet[1] got me looking at quad subdivision from a Delaunay/Voronoi grid.

Quad mesh

Jitter: regions, cell shapes.

I did get quads but they’re not interesting. His quads are aligned because he starts with a triangle grid and subdivides it into quads, whereas I started with a non-grid and subdivided it. I should try it again with his approach.

Oskar’s code:

force = 0

for(i< 4){
 force += verts[i] - center
 force = (force .y,-force .x)

for(i < 4){
 forces[i]  += center + force - verts[i]
 force = (force.y,-force .x)

Also see this typescript implementation[2] and this tutorial[3] and this extension to work on a sphere[4] and these experiments + code[5]. Also see the quadrangulation[6] library. And hexagrid[7].

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