Map history replay

 from Red Blob Games
5 Sep 2019

Maybe: show all the deaths in the log file, or player combat.

Maybe: color code by how long it has been since the base was last captured. This could highlight the stable vs contentious areas.

Notes about the files:

  1. has static information
    • list of bases
    • list of regions (polygons, not necessarily convex)
    • list of patches (decorative elements - not needed for main map)
    • list of ground points (used for interpolating ground colors)
    • list of lairs
    • list of lanes (two points)
  2. Game0.savedMap - looks like it lists each base once
    • capturedBases
      • lastIntrusionUnixTime: timestamp
      • name: str
      • team: str
      • towersUp: 1
  3. Log.log
    • message
      • unixTime: timestamp
      • tag: PlayerDeath
        • bot: 1
        • champion: enum(Demonologist|Longstrider|Icewitch|…)
        • level: int
        • name: str
        • p: {x: int, y: int}
      • tag: BaseCaptureLog
        • baseName: str
        • capturedBy: str

First step: read and draw it. Second step: set base color based on Game0.savedMap.snapshot. This is only one point in time. Third step: show base owner change events in Log.log with a slider to control time stamp. Code: champz-map.js

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