Fluid Simulation

 from Red Blob Games
29 Nov 2021

I had tried fluid simulation back in the 90s and it was a lot of fun. I did it on a hex grid, and with erosion, sedimentation, and other fun stuff. I’ve wanted to try out Jos Stam’s famous paper[1], so I’m looking at Mike Ash’s blog post[2] and also watching a Coding Train video[3], and attempting to write it with shaders. Unorganized notes for myself:

I ended up reading the paper, reading the blog post, and watching the talk, but not actually implementing anything :-( especially after reading at the end of the paper that parts of it are patented (although I’m guessing that would be expired by now).

I mostly used this project to motivate myself to learn the techniques. I really should implement it at some point but I don’t actually have a use for it right now.

More papers from Jos Stam[4]

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