Reaction diffusion art

 from Red Blob Games
17 Jan 2022

Last week I was learning about Turing Patterns using reaction-diffusion differential equations. I kept thinking “this would be fun to play with” but I wanted to focus on learning the math last week. This week I want to explore the artistic side. Here are some of the things I liked:

The main parameters are diffusion rate, diffusion offset, feed rate, and kill rate. I can vary them over x, y, or time. But x and y can also be turned into distance and angle for polar coordinates. That’s a lot of combinations to try. Plus, there are color schemes to display A, B, dA, dB, A/B, A/(A+B), etc.

There’s so much more to explore but I don’t want to spend forever on this. I spent a week experimenting and I’ll move on to something else next week.

Update: [2023] Karl Sims has a new interactive reaction diffusion explorer[1] as of 2022!

Source code: reaction-diffusion.js and then view source on each of the above files to see the parameters

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