Elevation Stamps

 from Red Blob Games
24 Jun 2024

This experiment is to construct peninsulas algorithmically in a way that I can mark the whole area as one entity (for naming, stories, quests, etc.). Reload the page to see a new peninsula.

Background: In mapgen4 you can paint on the map to create mountains and valleys and oceans. The system then calculates evaporation, wind, rainfall, biomes, and river flow based on your height map. I have been considering adding larger brushes to the system, in part because I’d like to have named areas. Recognizing that the user drew a peninsula is trickier than having them use a peninsula brush. But I’m not sure if it’s feasible or desirable.

Related work: a few years ago I had a way to draw a “control line” for mountains or coastlines, and the algorithm would fill in the details. On this page I’m attempting to draw a peninsula around a randomly generated control line.

Source: elevation-stamps.js

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